Planning ahead for uptime is vital for critical facilities. The power and cooling systems that support your operations should be maintained to prevent problems in the first place - rather than reacting to breakdowns at the worst possible times. Without properly operating support systems, your critical computing or communications infrastructure is at risk. In many cases these systems are only as reliable as the power and environmental systems that back them up. Can you afford to put your productivity in jeopardy by not maintaining a proper service program for these important components?


PM Services: J&S Power Solutions, Inc., offers Maintenance Contracts to meet customers' specific needs. The response times also will be per customer needs. J&S Power Solutions have technicians to reach anywhere in the U.S. within customer specified response time. Our service includes UPS, batteries and PDU's by all manufacturers, including APC, Liebert, Powerware, MGE, Best, Deltec, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Emerson, EPE, Exide, Powercom, IPM , Power Battery, C&D, Hawker, Yuasa, Enersys, Exide, Lamarche and others. We use computerized test equipment to perform services per manufacturer's specifications. Our battery test equipment includes Alber Cellcorder CRT-300 and Alber DMA 35 series digital storage battery hydrometers.

Our service includes: 24-hr, 7-day hotline. Our 24-hour toll-free telephone is always attended by the technician on duty. We offer an on-site response of 4 hours in most of the locations in the U.S.A. Please call us for specific response times.

Our technicians are trained to install, repair, maintain and do emergency service on the following items:

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) by all manufacturers


Chargers, rectifiers

Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Back-up Generators

For prompt service, contact our office toll free at (800) 930-1532.